Family Law Mediation

Virtual Family Law Mediation with Dawn Myers

Online Family Law Mediation gives both parties an opportunity to make their own decisions about their family and future, instead of leaving the final decision to a Family Court judge which could ultimately be appealed. By utilizing video conferencing technology like zoom it is easier to get all parties in the same “room” so that decisions can be made. We work well with attorneys and individuals to find the best mutually beneficial outcome. So, whether you are making decisions about a divorce, timesharing of children, child support, co-parenting structure, elder care, estate matters, distribution of inherited property or money, and other family law matters Dawn Myers will help resolve disagreements to find the best option for the circumstances.

family law mediation online

Mediation gives you a level of control over the outcome that is not available in a trial. You will have the opportunity to voice your concerns and Dawn Myers, as a neutral and confidential mediator, will help both parties reach an agreement on points of contention. Using a mediator is typically a faster way to resolve a divorce or other family law matters.

Dawn Myers is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator for Family Law cases. She has undergone rigorous training, will listen to both parties, identify innovative options, and follow ethical guidelines. Her straight forward approach uses strong communication skills combined with empathy, and neutrality to help both parties come to an amicable agreement. When disputes are heated or stalled, she will work to find the common ground. Using a mediator provides an impartial guide that can help you stay focused on the important issues and overcome obstacles to communication that may be blocking a resolution. Working with a mediator gives the flexibility to find customized win-win solutions.

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Coming to an Agreement

Dawn Myers will listen and explore mutually acceptable resolutions of your dispute.  If you reach an agreement at mediation, you do not have to go to trial or arbitration.

If the parties reach an agreement at mediation:
We will draw up an agreement that all the parties sign. Your signed agreement is a legally binding contract which is fully enforceable by the court. We will work with you to ensure that all paperwork is submitted to the proper authorities.  In divorce mediation, the agreement will be presented to the Court by an attorney of the parties choice or the parties can then set a final hearing on the matter to complete the divorce.

If the parties do not come to an agreement:
This can happen. In this situation an impasse is declared and we will submit a document stating the parties attempt to resolve the issues at mediation but did not reach an agreement. Thereafter, the parties will submit the issues before the judge.

Why should I use mediation for a divorce?

Mediation is required for contested divorces in Florida. It is a cost-effective way to efficiently resolve family law issues. A judge will typically not hear a matter unless the parties attempted to resolve the issue amicably in mediation.

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